Who, What, Where, When and Why?

Where am I going?

Solomon Islands | Vanuatu | Fiji | Cook Islands

How long am I going for?

13 weeks

4 weeks - Solomon Islands | 4 weeks - Vanuatu | 3 weeks - Fiji | 2 weeks - Cook Islands

When Will I be there?

21st February - Brisbane | 1st March - Solomon Islands | 2nd April - Vanuatu

2nd May - Fiji | 22nd May - Cook Islands | 7th June - Auckland

How Am i Travelling?

8 international flights | 7 domestic flights | boats, buses and taxis

How many miles?

Over 29,500 km by plane

Where am i staying?

Airbnbs | Homestays | Hotels | Hostels

Why am I going?

The Pacific Islands cover 0.4% of the largest ocean basin on Earth, spanning 77,018 km of coastline and are inhabited by 2.1 million people. The islands themselves are one of the most vulnerable and at-risk regions from future sea level rise. The present-day land elevation of the islands rarely exceeds 5 m above the current mean sea level. Any changes in sea level, either rising or falling, has the potential to cause a coastal retreat, flooding and impact dramatically on food production and fisheries.

In order for the Pacific Islands communities to be able to strive and survive in the future, there will need to be additional adaptation processes, which will likely rely heavily on scientific and technological developments. These technologies can be developed and exploited more effectively if there is a greater understanding of how these communities’ needs are being impacted by rising sea levels. Critically, it is not simply the technological developments that will be needed, the effective management of coastal infrastructure and sustaining marine resources will be paramount to sustaining the Pacific Islands.