Solomon - Honiara 2.0

Day 28

I arrived at Dolphin View yesterday – there was a double booking, but this was all arranged prior to my arrival with no knowledge to me. Another guest from the UK! Breakfast was included, so he turned up this morning from his other accommodation. We sat and ate breakfast and drank lots of coffee together. He has been travelling the Pacific for 6 weeks and is doing my journey in reverse. We figured that we are on the same flight to Vanuatu on Monday – a very small world.

I spent today relaxing and enjoying myself. I snorkelled to a shipwreck just off the coast, did a small workout and read the end of a book. After a busy few weeks, this was exactly what I needed before I head into busy Honiara.

Day 29

This morning I was suddenly woken by the whole world shaking at 5:40 am. The whole bungalow was moving, my bed seemed to be moving across the room. My first thoughts were of confusing, and then I realised earthquake! It lasted no more than 30 seconds, after which I got up and went to the door. No one else seemed to have stirred, not even a dog barked. I then was thinking, what about a tsunami? I decided, if no one else seemed to be worried, then I shouldn’t be worried. I hopped back into bed, but sleep wouldn’t happen, I was too awake. I decided on an early morning workout before breakfast.

I spent the rest of the morning hiding from the rain, before heading back to Honiara at 1 pm. We arrived back, and I was eager to get some supplies – bread for breakfast and something for dinner. I hadn’t stepped more than 100 m from the Airbnb when the heckling started. I had my photo taken, had a car follow me for a while. I walked to the bread shop my previous host, Alistair had brought his banana bread. I accidentally bumped into him in a store and was glad to – he gave me a lift back close to my Airbnb and I walked the rest of the way – again getting heckled with words I cannot even repeat.

I am not too glad to be back in Honiara!

Day 30

I woke up and have my coconut bread and coffee watching the dolphins in the bay. I decided I wanted some new long pants – I only bought 2 pairs. There is only 1 new clothes shop I can seem to find online. I had a coffee (first proper coffee in a month, it tastes amazing!) and got some travel planning done in Lime Lounge before “bale” diving.

Bales are brought from Australia and New Zealand and sold cheaply in the Solomon Islands. It’s like buying from a charity shop, chaotic but addicting. I bought 3 playsuits for SBD$72 or £7.2!

It started raining in the afternoon, so I bought some fruit loaf and headed back to the Airbnb.

Day 31

It is Easter Sunday – which means my favourite café is closed. I decided to stay at The Ofis and worked all day. “Work” means looking at national documents for disaster risk management or national development plans. Any understanding I can get for the future of the Solomon Islands will hopefully help towards my understanding of the impacts of climate change and sea level rise. As I need to get rid of my Solomon Dollars, I am treating myself to a £16 meat feast pizza, a coffee and a smoothie today – probably the most I’ve spent on food in a day since being here! I’m saving just enough for a taxi and a coffee tomorrow before I fly to Vanuatu!