Fiji - MIA blog writing

 Day 62 to 82

Fiji was the place where I started to MIA for this blog. It was during the first week that I was staying in a bungalow on the east coast of mainland Fiji. The bungalow was badly managed by Cyclone Winston and the owner wanted to keep it off the grid. This meant it relied on generator power, which during the first day had a power surge and unfortunately broke 3 of the chargers I had with me – including my laptop charger. Thankfully, I was heading to Suva the next day, which I hoped I would be able to get a charger there. Unfortunately, after searching nearly every computer store in the city I had to admit it would be a 3-week wait for another charger!

This was actually longer than I would be in Fiji, so a desperate text home to my dad and a new charger was ordered in England. It was then be given to my boyfriend who was flying to the Cook Islands 2 weeks later. So after nearly 3 weeks of no computer and no access to camera photos to upload. I finally had my laptop back!

Fiji Update:

Fiji was a beautiful country. I visited 3 years ago and it was still as beautiful and friendly as I remembered. I made some great friends who I’m sure I won't forget anytime soon.