Vanuatu - Efate

Day 56 to 59

After travelling 10 hours – 2 boats, 3 planes and a bus ride later – I arrived in Tranquillity Island. The resort is home to a turtle sanctuary and I was lucky enough to watch 3 turtles being released back into the wild.

The resort was lovely, expensive for food, but I had options other than rice! They tried to be as eco-friendly as possible which I appreciated. Power was only turned on twice a day, all the building materials came from the island and they tried not to create any rubbish.

The resort was very quiet and all the time I was there I was the only one there along with another family. It was a lovely get away and being not too far from Efate itself, made it an easy location for visitors.

Day 59 to 61

The next few days were to spent on a small island off the north of Efate - Pele Island. After a stressful journey I arrived to my very basic bungalow.  After about an hour, another boat arrived and another guest arrived at the bungalow. He was called Are and had worked in Port Vila in an internship for university. We were both quite happy we had company as the place lacked any form of hosting.

The next day we ventured off to the neighbouring island to visit and extinct volcano. The hike was extremely steep but worth the walk. The views were amazing. And the villages and small chief were extremely welcoming – giving us fruit and sugar cane.

I was meant to stay 3 nights at the bungalow, whilst Are was only meant to stay 2, so I decided it would be cheaper and easier to head back to Port Vila with him. We were woken at 5:50 am for breakfast and were ushered onto the boat by 6:30 am. I was glad I had packed the night before! We arrived in Port Vila by 8 am – too early to check in anywhere. We went and sat and had coffee on the waterfront, trying to wake up slightly.